The Flintstones launch day

Today was the launch of our topic.  Yes, this is not a stone age class but Year 3 dressed as stone age characters.  We had great fun being history detectives who were investigating artefacts, making mini movies on the ipads and learning how to draw in the stone age style. Oh yes, and we learnt a very important fact.....dinosuars were not around at the same time as humans.  The last dinosaurs - other than birds - died out 65 million years ago, while the fossils of our earliest human ancestors are only about 6 million years old.  So there!

We demonstrated some really good thinking. 

This group worked out what this artefact was used for.  Great history detectives.

We didn't realise that iron age people had belts with buckles.

This was a needle used for sewing clothes.  Animal sinew was used as thread.

The head of an arrow made from flint.

Preparing characters for the mini movies on our ipads.

Background scenery.

 We worked as a group to produce the mini movies.  Some of us preparing the background scenery, some making props, some making costumes and some filming and directing.

We watched the movies together and offered praise.
                            Now for the messy stuff.  Sorry mums......

That's a very white shirt.  Wonder if it will stay that way.........

Amazing absorption.

We're all so busy.