Fascinating Roman facts from Fishbourne

We had an extremely busy day at Fishbourne Roman Palace. There were workshops to attend, mosaics to study, films to watch, artefacts to inspect and a beautiful garden to explore.  We found out some strange facts about the Romans:

They used a mixture of ground shells and honey to brush their teeth.
They wore leather bikinis.
They washed their clothes in wee.
They drank wine rather than water because they believed it was better for them (and it was because the alcohol in it killed lots of germs).
When a girl got married she wore a belt tied in a knot.  Only her new husband could untie it.  That's why we say 'they're tying the knot' when people get married.

Here is the day in pictures.

Slaves in the kitchen cooking Mrs Doll's lunch.

The Emperor's son and daughter.

Inspecting the plants which were used for medicine.

Wait a moment.....I recognise those Celts and Romans.