Times Tables in Year 3 - Please check your child's bag on Friday!

Friday marks the start of times table homework. We are sending home times table packs, so please check in your child's bag on Friday! 
These packs will include:
  • An individual login for MyMaths,
  • A parent letter explaining how to use MyMaths, 
  • A times table poster to help children practise their times tables,
  • A times table record card, which needs to be signed when your child practises their times tables daily.

It is so important that children practise their times tables daily, so they become fluent with them to enable them to recall their times table quickly and in any order. Little and often goes a long way!

On the back of the times table record card, you will find helpful websites as well as which times table your child needs to practise for their weekly times table test. (Starting with x2 table)

We will tick off when the children have achieved the challenge of quick recall of their targeted times table. 
Children will work through the tables in the order outlined on the grid (focusing on one at time) until their are secure. After achieving all times tables, children will be tested on their division knowledge of these tables and will then move onto mixed times table challenges. 

Remember, keep practising - little and often goes a long way!